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Anthony's Blog: Wye valley to Monmouth

The cycling has gone well today, I am still staggered by the scenery encountered; the morning we went up the Wye valley to Monmouth, glorious sights colours and smells of early autumn.

I have enjoyed the changes we see as we cycle, changes in building materials, churches, pubs and farmhouse construction. This afternoon was nothing short of glorious, even after the morning's cycle up the Wye Valley from Chepstow to Monmouth. Good tarmac becomes a talking point between us when we are not wondering what the next stop for coffee or food will be like. Monmouth’s new pedestrian/one way system/roadworks helped lose one of the team. The road to Hereford had a few hills but made us even keener for a lunch.

The route we are doing uses national cycle routes where possible and in Hereford these took us painlessly into the middle of the city to a street leading up to the West door of the Cathedral. Here by good fortune there was a bakery from which we had a quiche with real salad and bulgar wheat; it is often difficult to find healthy food on the move and balance the need for energy with healthy food. 

The afternoon ride was in warm September sun, passing villages and the typical three storey farmhouses found in the Three Counties. The scenery in Shropshire was looking at the very best.  We have been lucky with the weather so far.

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Sep 13, 2020

What fabulous photos.....thank you for sharing them, and the very best of luck with it all!


Sep 10, 2020

Love hearing about your trip, hope that the weather stays good for you, all the best to you energetic riders.

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