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Quiz No.4 answers

Well done to everyone who took part. There were several good performances this week - congratulations to Jean & Peter for winning!

1) Miles Davis

2) letter G

3) Hit them! (they’re drums)

4) Gerard Hoffnung

5) No.s 5 & 6

6) Indonesia

7) His Master’s Voice

8) Cymbals

9) Eric Coates

10) Stringed instruments (mostly violins)

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3 komentarze

Oceniono na 0 z 5 gwiazdek.
Nie ma jeszcze ocen

Chris Drake
Chris Drake
03 maj 2020

I think jean and Peter should write the next quiz?! Give the rest of us a chance!


Chris Drake
Chris Drake
02 maj 2020

Again 👏👏👏


Well done J&P - think that puts you top of the leader board...

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