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Quiz answers

1)Where did all Western stringed instruments come from originally? Middle East

2)Which is the highest voice part in a mixed choir? Soprano

3)What is a bransle (pron. brawl)? Dance

4)Name the artist with the most No.1 hits in the UK charts. Elvis Presley

5)Which two orchestral instruments are never too soft to be heard and can be easily hidden in your pocket? Triangle & piccolo (castanets also possible)

6)How do you play a marine trumpet? With a bow (see photo)

7)Who was the lead singer in Black Sabbath? Ozzy Osbourne

8)Which country’s folk singers are able to produce two notes simultaneously? Mongolia

9)What was unusual about Dizzie Gillespie’s trumpet? The bell was bent upwards


Complete the sequence: 5, 10, 20, 30, ? ? At the start of Mozart’s ‘Marriage of Figaro’, Figaro is measuring his bedroom on his wedding day; the next two numbers are 36 & 43.

Many thanks and well done to everyone who took part - congratulations to Anne & Janet who tied for first place!

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Congratulations both - throwing down the gauntlet to the tenors and basses for the next quiz!

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