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Quiz 5

Send your answers to James by email please no later than 10am on Friday 8 May

Peter and Jean McErlain - I challenge you to prepare the next Quiz (just so you give the rest of us a chance to get a look-in!)

1) The Nokia ringtone is a quote from which piece? 

2) What is Ottaviano Petrucci (1466-1539) credited with inventing?

3) How do you play a balalaika?

4) Elgar, Delius and Holst all died in which year?

5) Who was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar but sang under another name?

6) Where did the Mazurka dance originate from?

7) What does crescendo mean?

8) How many symphonies did Haydn write?

9) Who preceded Phil Collins as lead singer of Genesis?

10) Flam, paradiddle and ruff are all types of what?

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