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Over Shap Fell!

Friday was a hard day with wind and urban traffic to concentrate on we were tired when we arrived north of Lancaster in the rain.

Yesterday (Saturday) was another stunning day. Set off and shortly found ourselves in Cumbria. Cycled on remote roads from Milnthorpe to Kendal and then stopped for a coffee in Kendal. Kendal was busy but once we left the roads were quiet. We then had an uphill cycle to Shap Fell and Shap village. Quite a climb but with uplifting views.

Joanna had tried driving through our alternate route past Windermere, the roads on a fine September were packed so we were lucky to have made that random fortunate choice. Shap was warm and sunny! 

From there we made our way to Carlisle and again by accident came across a roman road that made for great, quiet cycling. Tomorrow we reach Scotland! 

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Which road are you tekking! Hope you've got your tartan lycra to change in to!

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