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Musical excursion 3

It was the sound of the cimbalom that drew me in but now that I'm here I see you have a bar...

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Music for Spring Term 2024

Below is the list of music that we will be singing this term. Please make sure you have all the titles in your folder. It may still change depending on final choice to be made by Geoffrey. Two reminde


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Well, I don't like either so it's fine with me - disgusting fence paint of unknown origin 😂😂


'very nice - like Fernet Branca'. No, sorry, Fernet Branca is completely disgusting & tastes like sweet fence paint - yeeeeeeeuk!


Ah, the memories of so many years ...... Unicum is very nice, like Fernet Branca The 6 puttunyos Azsu is fantastic as a dessert wine. I grew up on Hungarian wines, had my birthday in Hungary (or Wien) for so many years Thank you, James


I've never tried Unicum, but happy with a dry Tokaji!

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