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Morten Lauridsen - portrait of a composer

In honor of his 80th birthday (February 27), the award-winning documentary film, Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen, may be streamed free, from now through March 1, 2023.

'Shining Night' offers a glimpse of the life and music of one of the greatest living choral composers, Morten Lauridsen, a National Medal of Arts recipient who spends summers on a remote island in the San Juan Archipelago and whom musicologist Nick Strimple distinguishes as ‘the only American composer in history who can be called a mystic’.

‘a heartening rarity’- Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

Exploring the relationship of art, nature, and spirituality, Shining Night reveals the composer through the lens of his love for the natural world together with his passion for music and poetry, interwoven with commentaries from composers, conductors, singers, and friends.

Filmed between 2010-2011 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Aberdeen, Scotland, and Waldron Island, the documentary conveys the richness and breadth of the award-winning composer’s life, with a soundtrack featuring his masterworks- Lux Aeterna, O Magnum Mysterium, Nocturnes (including Sa Nuit D’Ete, Soneto de la Noche, and Sure On This Shining Night, Madrigali and Dirait-on.

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