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I'd rather play than march!

How quickly does he play this?! I had to do this as a piece in a competition once many, many years ago in our local town hall. I set off at quite a rate, faster than I'd practised, nerves I suppose, but somehow managed to get to the end. The comments from the judges were that it sounded rather breathless! Nobody told me I was supposed to breathe as well! Anyway, hope you enjoy this performance.

P.S. I won!!

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31 de jul. de 2020

Well done for winning, Ann!

(I’ve often heard this piece in recitals but not as fast as Lang Lang plays it.)

I love Dave Brubeck‘s different approach to the title - Fazil Say has quite a cool slant on it, too.


I thought he took it rather slowly.


Exhausting but amazing watch !


Piano sonata no 11, A major, III movement, K 331 I've always loved that, can't play it so very well done, Ann, and to win the competition too. Fabulous

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