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Following barrels full of whisky!

Like many times on the route before after something unpleasant (cold, aches, feeling demoralised) something wonderful is seen; a view or something to raise the spirits. Today it was the views, red squirrels and moss growing on trees and stone walls Today (Wed 16 Sept) we set off from Fort William in the misty cold, heading out I got stuck behind a tractor with trailer carrying 8 Whisky barrels on. I stayed in the wake inhaling deeply the fumes. 

I never really warmed up today, cold and muscle aches sap energy. I think we are all feeling a little bit tired, today in particular the hills took it out of me.

Tomorrow we go up the east coast, I’ll wrap up warm.

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There was always going to be a difficult day - so that's it out of the way now! Just keep an eye out for Nessie...


Sep 18, 2020

I'm not surprised that your energies are sapped: you've all been travelling/cycling the roads for 10 days now. Are you allowed a rest day in between some travelling days to recover? Maybe you could find one of those whiskey barrels? That might help restore you all......!

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