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Filling a space with sound

Saturday 3 September

Our last cycling trip, a fairly windy one which helped on the way to Nienburg, but not on the way back. The last bit followed a cycle path by the River Saale.

Our concert was held in the old Benedictine abbey church, our tour leaders were transformed from cycling lycra to evening dresses. The concert started with Baroque style improvisation coming from all corners of the chapel. How could one each of a harpsichord, cello, violin and mezzo soprano fill the space so fully. We were treated to a violin solo, cantata from both Bach and a JS Bach uncle and the cello solo suite in G major.

There was not much recovery time when we got back before the next concert in the Hall of Mirrors in the ducal palace, unfortunately this was at the top of a long spiral staircase and weary legs worsened with each turn. We heard pieces by Linier, Stricker and Bach’s orchestral in D major.

The local sausage and paprika soup went down well before a 6-part candlelit harmony in one of the Lutheran churches. Nachtmusik.

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Thanks for letting us join your holiday Anthony - and for doing all the hard work! You certainly deserved your sausage, if you'll pardon the expression!

It sounds as though the music and learning you enjoyed along the way more than cancelled out the pain. Just one question, where are we going next?!

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