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Emoji Tour of Dorset.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Members of the choir might like to equip themselves with a decent map and enjoy the attached Emoji Tour of Dorset.  This doesn't work on a mobile phone as the images are too small - sorry! Thanks to Rob for this contribution!

Start in 🚪♞↩️ n

Take the A354 towards ⚖️👄

At ☝️ ⚖️, turn left onto the A353 and then right on the A352 to 🧶

Then go due North via 💩R👅gue to 🍺 👑 (bit of latin needed there)

Now take the A35 towards 🎱. Then, rather than going on to 👶 👄, take the A349 to W(⛪🎶)👶 🤏🥄.

From there, take the B3082, which should bring you to B 🛬4d 4 🍹

Go onto the A350 to ⛏️ 🍓 and then on the A30 to

🐔🐔t b🌉.

Now we’ll go cross-country to 👩‍👧n ⛵ and on to 👨s👅gue and 🐖🌙. From there, we’ll go West to 🥄🤏🥄 🆕👅gue and then up to ✂️🐑 👶.

Go South now, on the A352. At 🖕(💦🛬), bear left and then turn sharp left towards🦌🛬 🆕👅gue. Turn right on the B3143 and then at Pf🎻10 👔d turn right up the hill. Turn left at the top to ☕ 🤏🥄, and back to the beginning at 🚪 ♞ ↩️ n

Hope you’ve had a fun drive!!

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Membre inconnu
12 avr. 2020

Sorry, folks. Doesn't work on phones! I think it needs to be looked at in Word to get the full subtleties!

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