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Day 5: Much Wenlock

This had been a long day; over 6 hours in the saddle and 84 miles.

Fortunately the afternoon was spent on the Cheshire plain and was flat (ish). We left Ludlow in the morning, quite cold and went through rolling hills and quiet villages that can have changed little in centuries. The route we took went parallel to the one planned as my bike gadget was playing up, but this did not matter as it was a quiet road with reasonable tarmac.

The great thing about this was to come across Much Wenlock by accident, at coffee time, where we sat in a mediaeval square eating a tasty and filling bacon sandwich. This did not seem as good an idea immediately after as it had beforehand, because we had a bit of climbing to to to reach the top of Wenlock Edge. 

It seems that things are going too quickly as I am relishing watching the scenery alter with every minute, the churches have been particularly memorable today. 

On the early morning ride after leaving Ludlow I sung Houseman/Butterworth “Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now……” my cycling companions could not hear which was a pity because I am sure my timing and pitch was perfect.

We passed close to The Wrekin, a landmark seen for many miles. I also spent a lot of time looking at the huge number of oak trees in Cheshire. They have dropped less acorns than the Somerset ones.

We met Jo (Anthony's wife) for lunch at a pre-arranged spot; a garden centre this time.

The afternoon was spent in north Shropshire leading into Cheshire, dairy country and flat (-ish). 

My legs are less tired than they were yesterday, a few joint bothers but I am feeling elated to have seen what we have. Hope tomorrow goes well; we watch the local Covid rates and restrictions and have planned not to go inside anywhere for the next couple of days. The weather forecast and food continue to be of overwhelming interest.

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2020

I love Much Wenlock. I’m sure your pitch and rhythm were perfect!


Sep 13, 2020

The thought of six hours in the saddle makes my eyes water! Glad it's going well for you all.


So what's your opinion - is the Wrekin an extinct volcano, a hill or a jurassic roundabout? Answers on a postcard from your next breakfast stop...

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