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Bear walks to Salisbury in time for Evensong!

Thursday 13 May was Ascension day and Anthony took on another challenge (although no fundraising this time)!

Starting at 06.00, he walked from St Greg’s school / church to Salisbury cathedral in time for evensong, which was just under 27 miles. He had been planning this for some time and took a friend 9ex Army) along with him.He took something from the school with me and the staff will be able to follow progress or lack!

Wet from here to Shaftesbury, but after breakfast on Abbey Walk the waterproofs stayed packed. Took footpaths to Ludwell through woodland and then climbed on to the Old Drove Road that leads East above the Fovant badges. Met friends for a water and biscuit stop and arrived over the water meadows in time for Evensong. All in all a good walk though sore and weary now.

The school bear enjoyed it!

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Just seen this - congratulations Anthony! Herculean effort - especially by the bear.


Very well done, Anthony !!!

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