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Bach by bike - Anthony Wilkinson’s travel log

Day two of a cycling trip from Weimar to Kothen following some steps in the life of JS Bach. We met up on Saturday (27 August 2022) afternoon (after a delay filled journey on German railways. Met up with the organisers, a violinist cyclist and a mezzo soprano cyclist. The others in the trip are incredibly kind language-wise and interesting; an elderly couple - she, an economist and he, a lawyer, two French dentists and two retired German women. Conversations have been wonderful and interspersed with a musical tour of Bach in Weimar and one of several Bach cantata we will hear this week.
Yesterdays cycling was through interesting countryside interspersed with conversation about the reunification, Brexit and life. There are some on eBikes and some conventional. We will end up at Kothen Bach Fest.
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This is my type of cycling tour - when someone else does all the pedalling! Great to be a part of the trip though...gute Reise Anthony!

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