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Answers to Peter & Jeans Quiz 6

And the winner is Ros with an amazing 9 out of 10.

I now challenge Ann Davis to prepare the next Quiz, which will be on the Blog later today!

1. Who 'poisoned pigeons in the park'? Tom Lehrer - My sweetheart and me

2. How do you play a bodhran? With a stick

3. What prize was controversially awarded to Mr. Zimmerman in 2017? Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan

4. What is different about a natural trumpet? Valveless

5. Who wrote 'Sospiro Handel or Liszt or 'Sospiri' Elgar

6. Whose bust presides over the Proms? Henry Wood

7. Who had a hit with 'Bad Penny Blues'? Humphrey Lyttleton

8. How many Inkspots were there? Only four at any one time

9. What is meant by Common Time? Four/four time indicated by C

10. What is a Tarantella? A dance from Italy supposedly caused by the bite of a tarantula

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