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And now the end is near ..........

This is the last day of my week as Blog DJ - (though I may return..)

So like Ike and Tina, let's start nice and easy with something we all know

Schubert, "An die Musik"

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, 1961


Then a bit more Around the World: Denmark

H.C. Lumbye, "Champagne Galop"

The story is that H.C Lumbye was invited for a formal celebration at the British Embassy in Copenhagen but, passing his regular haunts on the way, decided to stop there instead.

Returning home late he was asked to explain how come the embassy, from the looks of him, had been wallowing in champagne and festivity.

Explaining he sat down at the piano and improvised the piece, which later would be known as the Champagne Galop.

In Austria H.C. Lumbye was known as the "Strauss of the North", in Denmark J. Strauss was known as the "Lumbye of the South"

Wiener Musikverein, New Year Concert 2010


On a very different venue it's Victor Borge conducting and playing along to the Champagne Galop on his 80th birthday


Now for something nice and rough

This is to all of you warming up for tonight's parties, enjoy yourselves and basically just let the hair down ... Yeah-Yeah-Yeah


Have a nice weekend where ever :-)

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Hope there's something left on you tube for when it's my turn!

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Unknown member
18. Juli 2020

Well done, Michael, for assembling a great line-up this week!

In case anyone needs another Galop, here’s one from Hungary:

Gefällt mir
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