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A soaking!

Had a hard and wonderful cycle today (Tuesday 15th) on the road to Fort William from Crianlarich.

There was a hard incline going past The Glen Ogle Viaduct. The rain started and soon every item of clothing was soaked, I wondered just how big raindrops could get as they seemed to get heavier each minute.

Joanna met us at Crianlarich and we had some food and change of socks for me and clothing for Rob and Julie, food is of huge importance to us.

The ride from Tyndrum to Glen Coe was dry and absolutely amazing; some climbing near Alchallader, bleak moorland and peaty lochs, mountains that humbled and then the long and wonderful descent into Glen Coe.

Fort William was welcome and busy. Tomorrow the Great Glen and Inverness.

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Sep 18, 2020

To not only cycle these distances, but then to write these vivid descriptions?! Thank you puts this strange moment of time in our world into great perspective. Such an achievement. Thank you, all of you.


As a non bike rider I can’t imagine how you get going every day !! What an achievement , keep pedalling all !!


I am still very impressed with what you're doing. It is an amazing story and I look forward to seeing photos from the whole trip. Keep up the spirit😊


Chris Drake
Chris Drake
Sep 16, 2020

How miserable to get such a soaking but it sounds like the first one you have had so far? Not surprised you are thinking about food all the time!

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