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Gadget failure!

We got lost yesterday (Monday 14 Sept) as the navigation gadgets could not load the planned ride. I saw some PV panels and wondered why they had been put on the north side of a house roof! We were heading east rather than north west. Both Rob and I have a gadget on our bikes which on every other day has been able to download the route planned in the comfort of home months ago. This worked until yesterday.

Sunday we left Carlisle for Gretna, surprised how many places to get married there were there. Coffee was in a outstanding coffee shop in Lockerbie (very clear Scottish accent - near Lanark we have had to get things repeated) there was a strong cross wind for much of the day that needed concentration and a firm grip on the handlebars and then the rain started. Joanna appeared miraculously and we ate lunch sheltered from the rain in the van and Pack a Shack. We continued on the old B road that follows the A74M and the Glasgow to Carlisle railway. Later in the afternoon the rain stopped and we cycled on quiet rural roads that took us through the understated and under visited beauty of south Lanarkshire and the Clyde Valley. Great B&B with Haggis for breakfast. Monday was the day we got lost, Cumbernauld where “Gregory’s Girl” was filmed was difficult to get into and out of. We had our first sight of the highlands, Stirling and Doune were really attractive in the bright almost sunny light. The ride ended with uncertainty about the route as we cycled along Loch Lubnaig in the heart of the Trossachs. 

Strathyre was very welcome. Very welcome indeed. Fort William today then up alongside Loch Ness tomorrow.

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Sep 18, 2020

Beautiful photos...well done all of you. Really want to visit Lanarkshire after reading this...and all the other places you're cycling through....what an adventure!


What a terrific adventure - great photos - I can feel that rain!!


Sep 16, 2020

I cant believe how quickly you are covering so many all looks amazing.

well done to you all.


Chris Drake
Chris Drake
Sep 15, 2020

And we thought parts of Marnhull were bad for the internet!!! Hope you had a trusty copy of an OHS map in your back pocket?

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